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    Baking has been a part of the Krieg family for four generations. Walter Krieg III, Krieg’s current owner, his grandfather, Walter Senior, came from Germany as an apprentice baker. It wasn’t long before Walter Senior and his wife had a bakery of their own in Whitestone during the early 1930’s. 

    When he was nine years old, Walter Junior, began learning baking and the background of what it means to be a baker from

Walter Senior. In the late 1940’s Walter Junior began to learn about chemistry, leaving the retail field of baking behind, but it wasn't long before he went back to baking, this time his son Walter Krieg III.

    Throughout the 1950’s Walter Junior, worked as a chemist for the Caravan company, (a company that still provides Krieg’s Bakery with ingredients to this day) testing ingredients, coming up with solutions for different ingredients, and much more all over the United States. Around the 1980's the Krieg's relocated to Florida and opened bakery there before returning to New York. 

    Before starting at the bakery in Hampton Bays Walter Krieg III went straight into baking at just 18 years old. During high school, Walter Krieg III, learned a lot from working in numerous bakeries on Long Island, including the Montauk Bakery, Hampton Bakery, and his most memorable time was spent at Walls Bakery. What made Walls Bakery so memorable, was the bakers that they hired knew what they were doing and were professionals that took the time to show Walter Krieg III trade secrets and helped him get to where he is today. 

    After high school, Walter Krieg III started his own bakery in Florida with his grandmother. The bakery in Florida was around for five years and during that same time Walter Junior opened the bakery in Hampton Bays where Schmidt’s Brothers gave the Krieg’s opportunity to open the Schmidt’s store. After three years with Schmidt’s Brothers, the Kriegs founded a location of their own at 39 W Montauk Highway where they are still located 30 years later.

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